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243.   dRlRAXGA III.


A kxatriya  called Sifranga* who was a descendant  of
Krs£.adevaraya, the emperor of Karnataka, baring lost his
kingdom migrated from Candragiri to Ummattur where he was
allowed to live by the government of Mysore ......... As  he

offered to pay double the salary which men at arms obtained
in those days, most of the retainers of the neighbouring
palaigars flocked to his standard, and very soon he became the
master of 50,000 horse and 1,00,000 foot, witli which he
resolved to subdue the eighty-four palaif/ars and establish his
supremacy over them. At first he attacked Syamaraja
Vodeyar, the palaigar of Mysore, and having inflicted a crush-
ing defeat upon him, Sriranga not only wrested from him half
his territory but forced him to acknowledge his supremacy.
Most of the other palaigars who were overawed by his victory
over Syamaraja Vodeyar, submitted to him by agreeing to pay
him tribute. A few who still held out were subdued by force.

*                           *                           *                          *

While Srirangaraja was returning to  ^rlraugapattanam
accompanied by some of the 84 palaigars whom he had subdued,
he fell ill on the way and died soon after he reached the town.
A woman, whom he was keeping as his mistress, attempted to
secure the power, but her efforts were not succe&siVl, owing to
the intrigues of Syamaraja Vodeyar, and his minister Kalave
Doddayya with the palaigars of Manangi and Taleka^u. .......

The mistress of Srirangaraj^who was infuriated by her failure,
pronounced a curse on each of her enemies } and then stc put
an end to her existence by immolating herself on the pyre o£
her dead husband.

While Pemmasani Oitsa Timuaa Sfgya^u wa« raliag at
Gaijdikota, the Nawab came from &51fcc£4* i» & s*
» Cf . JT. A, & 1930, No. 3S, p. 163, laser, d*t*4 Mem. May **» 16S& *, P.